My Research

  1. myCityMeter: Helping Older Adults Manage the Environmental Risk Factors for Cognitive Impairment (Thesis Project)
  2. Identifying and assisting memory lapses during talk in Dementia patients (MS Project) (obsolete)
  3. Human-Computer Interface application for disabled people (Graduation Project)(Presented at the National Technology Parade, May 4th, 2016)
  4. Automatic Parallel Programming using the Descartes specifications (NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates)(Presented at the International Conference on Information and Communication Systems (ICICS 2016), April  5-7, 2016)
  5. Conversation Technology via Low-cost Voice-to-Text over IP: VToIP (Presented at the 8th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference on Applied Computing (URC16), April 27-28, 2016)
  6. Design Constraints and Challenges behind Fault Tolerance System in a Mobile Application Framework (presented in the 10th IEEE International Design & Test Symposium IDT15, December 14-15, 2015)